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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Jun 24 21:25:05 CDT 2005

Stuff like this really should be in geeks.  In the past it seems like
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Tue, 21 Jun 2005 @ 14:04 -0400, Nadine said:

> Ouch.  I haven't done a lot of experimenting with media.  For the
> most part, I've been buying the cheap stuff, as I am using it more
> as "short term" storage more than anything else.  Except in the case
> of game backups, so I tend to use "name brand" for those.  I don't
> worry too much about the storage issues, as I don't tote them around
> outside the house, generally (just "disposable" mp3 disks that I toss
> music/audio books onto for road trips).

I actually would like for mine to live for awhile, because it is all I
have right now.

I do a lot of full backups onto CD, so I figure after doing this awhile,
I've got quite a lot of redundancy there.

What I'd really like to do is tie it together with an md5-keyed database
of files so I can find them easier.

> > Taiyo Yuden still make their media in Japan, and it is still reportedly
> > a consitently good buy.  Not sure if they made DVD media though.
> I've also read their's is the best.

Their CD media is the most compatible.  Supposedly the Phenyl* stuff is
more stable because it has metal in it.  I don't know if TY makes any
metal stabilized cyanine or not.

> Iirc there was some indication that some media worked better in
> some burners, too, so it really is a question of individual experi-
> mentation.  Tough to build a matrix for this kind of stuff, and be
> complete.

Each drive has a database of media descriptors with strategies for
burning them.  So does a lot of burning software.

The problem is that a company might buy a CD press (perhaps used) from
someone and fail to change the ID number.  If they don't do as good a
job, or run the machine long after it has worn out, it will fool the

> I do not have a first gen dual-layer Lite-On DVD burner.  Mine was
> purchased around 6 months ago.  I have not yet tested it's dual
> capabilities, but I have had no issues burning DVDs at this point.

Ah, it should have the newer burn chip in it.

> I've backed up a couple of things I own for testing, after removing
> the "extra" stuff to get it to fit on a single layer ("cheap"
> media). So far, they've worked fine in the handful of DVD players
> I've tried.  I haven't been able to test it for console backups--the
> consoles are not here.

I want very much to backup some games with *insane* copy protection.

Of course, usually what I do is buy a game and then use the pirate
utilities to disable the copy protection.  It's pretty bloody stupid to
have to get out a CD to use software that is on my hard drive.  That's
one big reason I have hard drives!

> Yeah.  I haven't spent much time looking into this. I've been
> avoiding spending excessive hours after work on my computers.

Me too... except that I haven't succeeded.

> > Kind of a hokey industry... you'd like to think they made it all work
> > before shipping...
> C'mon, you've been working in the computer industry long enough
> to know how unlikely that is!  (Sadly.)

Yeah, well...

Another issue with CD/DVD backups is that a lot of the rescued hardware
we like to play with can't use them, but can still use some fairly
recent tape drives.

I think it would be funny, just for kicks, to do something like
interface a CD burner to an older IBM mainframe.

Then write JCL to burn a CD calling "IEHBURN" with gobs of parameters to
control the operation.

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