[rescue] Will an E420R....

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Wed Jun 22 22:40:26 CDT 2005

...boot without any RAM?    Or the question might be better asked, if it 
doesn't like the RAM
what kind of error indication could I expect?

I got the parts I was missing to put the E420R  together...there are some 
VERY nice rescue
folks here who were willing to help out...)  and I got a 450MHz CPU (was 
planning on doing that
anyway, so an expected expense)  So, took apart the E220R (not too much 
work, 4 screws on the
side, 2 on the back, undo the screws that hold the motherboard to the base 
and to the back, slip
out the motherboard, take off the back plate, the underneath mounting 
plate...put in the 420
underneath mounting plate and slip in the back plate, 6 screws re-install, 
and then drop in the
420R motherboard, and fasten down.  Oh, I did take the fans out as well, as 
that makes it a
tad easier to maneuver things around.  All that told, was probably done in 
15 min or so...)

I transplanted the working memory from the 220R, all 2 GB of it.  From what 
I've been able to gleam
that all should work. (I can check part #'s)  But on boot, I get flashing 
keys on keyboard, and beep.
But no video out.   I've put the video card that worked in the 220R in the 
2nd from the right (as you
face the back) slot, which seems to be a 5 volt slot, equivalent to the one 
I had it in on the 220R.
Put the CPU in CPU2 slot. Set jumper J3201 to 2-3 to go to 4 mode 
I set jumper J0302 to 1-2 (which according to the FEH seems to be the right 
setting to NOT Bypass
CPU2, which according to the FEH picture is the 1st CPU to install...it's 
the 2nd from the left as you
face the back of the box.)  Got full memory in the riser and on the 
motherboard.   Drives seek when
it powers up.  I've tried holding down STOP-N when I powered it on 
(assuming that's the correct
reset of the PROM for a 420R...believe that's the right sequence...)  I 
also checked to make sure
the PROM wasn't write protected (set J3001 to 2-3 )

Soooo, what did I miss?  Video is a Raptor GFX.


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