[rescue] IBM Mainframe fun

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Tue Jun 21 09:29:06 CDT 2005

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 09:10:30AM -0500, Bill Bradford wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 10:31:40AM +0200, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> > > http://www.mrbill.net/hercules.jpg
> > Where to get that nice background image?
> images.google.com search for system370 AFAIR.  Or I can just uplaod it 
> somewhere. 8-)

The irony of it all is that I tried it when the fastest machine I had
was a PII 600mHz. It was faster than the "big iron" when MVS 3.8
was current. 

It's also amazing how far we have come since then. I was a big CMS fan,
but I completely forgot that you had flat "disks" (no subdirectories)
and you could only have 26 of them.

The disk drives one place I worked at had at the time were 3350's, which
had 2.5 gig per string of 8 (the picture below is six of them). They had
13 strings of 8 in one room (104 drives), almost the capacity of a large
iPod. :-)



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