[rescue] large UPS ...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Jun 20 13:27:54 CDT 2005

>ahhh... heh, multiple uses! I will check tonite and report back what I have.

Thanks, I appreciate it.   Documents for the 1500 would go a long way
toward repairing the 2500, since the chief difference would not be the
design of the circuit but the rating of the components used to build it.

>Also, did you verify that the original batteries and your batteries

Yup, I checked.  Not only did I match model numbers, I took voltmeter and
ammeter readings, and I swapped batteries one-for-one at the local battery
supply place (blemished batteries cost a lot less, and my UPS doesn't CARE
if there's a scratch in the plastic or not) for the same models.

The battery guys are friends of mine.  They supply me with gel cells and
such for Ham radio field day, and used/refurbed wheelchair batteries for
the trolling motor and the whole-hog rotisserie.


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