[rescue] large UPS ...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Jun 20 12:21:59 CDT 2005

>> Deltec PRR2500a 2.5kVA rack-mount UPS?  The magic smoke leaked out of
>> mine,

>I actually might have one of those UPSes, I will have to check. I have a
>bunch of Deltec units but quit using them after the batteries wore out.
>.--[Ethan O'Toole]-------------------------------+

I have four brand-new batteries in the thing, and the converter board died
when I connected the last cells in.  Big SNAP! and a spark, and no more
blinkenlichten.  I know it wasn't the batteries, and I didn't hook them up
backwards or something, since I only remove/replace one at a time to avoid
just exactly that issue.

Hmmmm... I have one I need to work, you have one you don't need.  Just
maybe we could swap something?  Or if you're not using it, shipping plus
some cash boot for JUST the converter board? (That would be heavy enough,
that transformer is a monster!!)  I'd prefer just the manuals and
schematics and just fix the condemned thing in situ, but I'll take what I
can get to get some redundancy and some capacity under my main server.

(Several non-profit-group historical-freaks are counting on this machine
being up... Plus I was using it to provide emergency power to one of the
main filters on my marine aquarium setup, to keep from killing a lot of
fish and invertebrates when/if the power dies.)

wes will

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