[rescue] large UPS ...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Jun 20 08:49:22 CDT 2005

Sorry, can't help you with a smaller UPS, too far to swap such heavy
beasts, as much as I could use a 3000RM.

Are you renting or do you (and the bank) own the place?  Running a 30-amp
circuit in your own house shouldn't be much problem, or even all that
expensive to hire out the job, usually, if you worked at keeping the run
short and near to the power entrance.  (It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you
ger a licensed, qualified electrician to do the job if you're not up to
speed (and code) to do it yourself.)

I have a similar problem, though.

Does ANYBODY have documentation (schematics would make my DECADE!) for an old
Deltec PRR2500a 2.5kVA rack-mount UPS?  The magic smoke leaked out of mine,
and I'm running a rack full on a teensy UPS that lasts all of maybe a
minute now.  It's BARELY time to do shutdown before it crashes.  I need my
2500 back!

wes will

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