[rescue] installing U2 without CDROM - help please!

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Jun 16 08:24:28 CDT 2005

> get a scsi cdrom bang it in for the install.  netbooting can be done
> with lots of wasted time and pain.   i just installed netbsd on ipx
> via floppy (floppy instals are getting to old to be supported)

I still resort to, and use virtually trouble-free, floppy-booting for 
installation of OpenBSD. 'boot floppy' then install over the network 
from an OpenBSD server or a local box with the CD mounted or copied and 
an ftp server. Works well.

I seem to recall that I had to write the floppy on a big-endian box 
though. Might have been a bad floppy on the available Intel box; I don't 
remember for sure.


>>I'm currently trying to get ANY OS on a CD-less U2 I picked up but I'm
>>having no end of frustration.

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