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Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Wed Jun 15 13:11:55 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 15 June 2005 11:05, Mike Hebel wrote:
> I'm well aware of this however for proper streaming to the DVD-R/CD-R
> to occur there has to be a number of things besides the burner
> configured correctly.
> For instance no matter how much underrun protection you have on your
> drive the burner is likely to create a coaster if you're burning over
> a network connection with a lot of traffic.  The same goes for a
> particularly slow hard drive.  I've watched it repeatedly over the
> years.

This has *never* been a problem for me using cdrecord under Linux.  As a 
friend of mine noted when he switched from using Windows to Linux a few 
years ago, he never burned a bad CD anymore once he switched (using the 
same hardware).

I've burned CDs with the data coming from an NFS server, and while it 
ends up being slower than reading from a local disk, it never caused me 
to burn a bad CD.

cdrecord even has a Windows port; you might try using it under windows 
and see how that works.

cdrecord website:

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