[rescue] Backups

Michael Vergallen mvergall at pandora.be
Wed Jun 15 12:02:49 CDT 2005

> I paid $40 for my DLT 4000 drive and another $5 per tape.
> The SCSI controller is almost free and came with donated hardware.  Heck
> if you backup off of a Non-Windows box it probably already has SCSI
> installed.20/40Gig per tape versus 4.5G per DVD.

Unfotunately here in the rest of the world DLT libraries are still 200 GBP a pop.
Been looking for one because I'll require one when I move my database from the
U1 to the E4000 because I will also need to get a new SSA...because I can't seem
to find the parts (e.i. older type Fibre  modules  for a SSA104 & new batery card ) to 
connect mine to the E4000.  The database is about 5 years of stockmarket data I use & 
some modeling stuff on the datasets to help me make my financial moves.... I don't even want to
consider using DVD media for that because if I loose the data my whole model is gone and it took me 5 
years to get it about accurate...

However I do use dvd's to backup on a daily bases the one Windows box I have here with the trading
software on...( Only reason I use windows is for Quotetracker (can't find a good alternative to that on Unix)
Yes I know  there exists software that comes close but it doesn't allow me to connect to my brokerage firm 
to enter trades in real time...) 

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