[rescue] Backups

Paul H obi at frozenphoenix.net
Wed Jun 15 10:31:16 CDT 2005

Mike Parson wrote:

>On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 10:40:02AM -0400, Jeffrey Nonken wrote:
>>Speaking of backups. Do any of you know if backups to DVD+R/RW are
>>feasable, and reliable? I've made one failed attempt, but it was on a
>>cheap DVD writer using some fairly old software.

I just burned about 25 dvd's (home movies being converted to dvd) and it 
would seem the newer drives (I used one of the new plextor drives) don't 
have the buffer underrun issue as much, the software was encoding the 
video as it burned (took like 3hrs per disk) and the burner would burn 
as it got the data and wait when there was not enough data ready in it's 
buffer. (at least that's what i'm concluding, the activity light on the 
burner would go off for like 15 seconds every 2 min). so i'd guess that 
the drives should beable to do the backups, it would be  a matter of 
finding software to do it.


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