[rescue] "I prefer a GUI"

Mike Meredith mike at redhairy1.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 14:37:57 CDT 2005

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 14:13:09 -0500, Wes Will wrote:
> You would think that a print spool would be the one thing everybody
> could do in a trice, and that the software and driver people would
> have it all layed out in rows; but instead it seems to be one of the
> largest hunks of my sysadmin day, dealing with crap in the print spool
> and printers that won't.

I can still remember the day when we realised when moving a large
corporate application onto a new server that we wouldn't have to
re-create the hundreds of network printers. We suddenly realised that
the new version was client-server with no printing from the server. Wide
smiles all round that day.

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