[rescue] "I prefer a GUI"

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Jun 14 14:26:09 CDT 2005

>I know. Last time I tried to do that it wouldn't let me connect. Period. 

>>Getting ssh up instead of telnet should take less than an hour.  That will
>>be easy enough.
>It wasn't last time. I never got it working. Since it looked like reading 
>the manual and learning what to do would take a while, I relegated that to 
>my "when I have time to start new projects" and switched to Telnet.

OK, here's an offer.  Next time, let me know ahead of time and I'll see
what i can do to help you dive through this.  It -really- should be a
less-than-one-hour project, I wasn't joking there.

If you don't count compile time, or the wait time while the keys build,
actually ought to take about ten minutes, tops.  I just did it on a 'new'
YellowDog Linux box (I was underwhelmed with OpenBSD on here, for some
reason), a G4 Mac to replace a G3 Mac that replaced a P-II 400 box that was
one of our single-purpose web servers.

I dumped all of the pre-built OpenSSH packages, downloaded and compiled the
sources for the most recent build instead, and installed the whole thing.
Download times (on the campus 100-MB ethernet), about three minutes
including finding the right versions for this machine.  Removal of old
junk, maybe one minute.  Config and make of the ssh sources, possibly as
much as 15 minutes (mostly watching the -WALL messages scroll).  Install,
another minute, and five more all told to do the config file and keygen.  A
couple minutes to scratch myself and yawn, get a drink and such.  Half an
hour, tops, and it's a 400 MHz G4, not exactly the world's most blazing
box.  Makes a wicked-fine Apache web server with a MySQL back end and
Postfix for sending reports and alerts to me via campus mail, though.  SSH
for remote access, and it's golden.

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