[rescue] "I prefer a GUI"

Jeffrey Nonken jjn_rescue at nonken.net
Tue Jun 14 12:11:08 CDT 2005

At 12:39 PM 6/14/2005, you wrote:
>First constructive bit of criticism.  Get OFF of telnet, get on to SSH.

I know. Last time I tried to do that it wouldn't let me connect. Period. 
Since then I've re-installed the box, and I've planned to get SSH running, 
but I figured I would be OK with Telnet as long as it's all behind my firewall.

>Close the telnet port, or reassign it to the sshd.  Use decent keys when
>you build your crypto stack, kilobit should oughta do it, 768 at the least.
>  Also, switch to encrypted ftp as soon as possible so you can stop putting
>your passwords on the wire in clear text, if you're running an ftp daemon.

Not running an FTP daemon.

> >house before I start any new projects. It's not been easy, I'll tell ya.
>Getting ssh up instead of telnet should take less than an hour.  That will
>be easy enough.

It wasn't last time. I never got it working. Since it looked like reading 
the manual and learning what to do would take a while, I relegated that to 
my "when I have time to start new projects" and switched to Telnet.

> >Second, I'd prefer to migrate my backup system first before I do anything
>I use a scavenged DLT-III tape drive, recycled tape cartridges, and amanda.
>  Free, works, and wasn't too hard to set up.  Never needed anything more
>complicated, and I verify the tapes after they're made.

Every time I say "Bacula" somebody responds with "Amanda." Amanda seems OK 
but doesn't do everything I want it to. As for DLT, I don't have the 
resources to migrate to DLT right now, and I'm not wild about DLT anyway. 
DDS-3 is working well enough for now and I'm looking at alternatives for 
when I'm ready to change.

Thanks for the advice.

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