[rescue] "I prefer a GUI"

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Jun 14 11:39:40 CDT 2005

>installed Gnome. Took some head banging but it runs. Will that do? :)

If it works for you, then what does it matter what I think about it?
Sounds like a winner, in short.

>batch files all the time. I've also been connecting to my BSD box via 

First constructive bit of criticism.  Get OFF of telnet, get on to SSH.
Close the telnet port, or reassign it to the sshd.  Use decent keys when
you build your crypto stack, kilobit should oughta do it, 768 at the least.
 Also, switch to encrypted ftp as soon as possible so you can stop putting
your passwords on the wire in clear text, if you're running an ftp daemon.

>house before I start any new projects. It's not been easy, I'll tell ya.

Getting ssh up instead of telnet should take less than an hour.  That will
be easy enough.

>Second, I'd prefer to migrate my backup system first before I do anything 

I use a scavenged DLT-III tape drive, recycled tape cartridges, and amanda.
 Free, works, and wasn't too hard to set up.  Never needed anything more
complicated, and I verify the tapes after they're made.

wes will

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