[rescue] email clients; was For Sale/Trade - Cobalt Qube 2

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Tue Jun 14 10:30:02 CDT 2005

Jeffrey Nonken wrote:

OK, I'm using a GUI in your honor... :)

> At 01:03 AM 6/14/2005, you wrote:
>>mutt has excellent threading.
>>>2) A new button for "reply to group";
>>>3) A new button for "reply to sender";
>>What is a button?  :)
>>mutt does both of these.  Technically, it will do everything you listed
>>with some macros and external programs.
> Hmm. OK, I should have said a couple more things up front.
> First: last time I said this in this group, I got seriously flamed, and is 
> in fact one of the reasons I left. But as I'm a glutton for punishment, 
> I'll try again. Besides, I've been playing lots of Pyro in TFC lately, so 
> I'll just don my asbestos outfit first. :)
> I prefer a GUI.

Well, no one should flame you for that.  You can't help being dropped on 
your head as a young child... :)

Just kidding.

Personally, I do not like them for tasks like mailing lists, or any 
formal discussion, but mainly for two reasons:

	- I can't always count on having graphics
	- most GUI email clients lack the functionality
	  of the better text-based email clients

I really can't figure out why so many GUI clients leave out important 
features, since you would think of all types, they would be driven by 
features.  A lot of them also aren't very flexible, and most of them 
seem to be immature/BETA projects.

The other problem I have with them is the GUI clients tend to encourage 
bad behavior.  The users of them have a high tendendency to violate the 
various rules of formal discussion.  Some even violate protocol and 
header standards.

> Second, I guess what I really meant was that I think that ALL email clients 
> should have these features as a matter of course, just like they have 
> features like reply-all and forward. Email lists have been around for at 
> least a month or two, right? :/ I mean, it's not like they've never been 
> heard of. *sigh* I guess everybody is doing web-based forums these days.

Agreed.  It seems like some features just make sense.

I hate WWW forums myself.  It's very difficult to me when the thread 
gets complex, or just if there are a lot of messages.

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