[rescue] email clients; was For Sale/Trade - Cobalt Qube 2

Jeffrey Nonken jjn_rescue at nonken.net
Tue Jun 14 07:54:05 CDT 2005

At 01:03 AM 6/14/2005, you wrote:
>mutt has excellent threading.
> > 2) A new button for "reply to group";
> > 3) A new button for "reply to sender";
>What is a button?  :)
>mutt does both of these.  Technically, it will do everything you listed
>with some macros and external programs.

Hmm. OK, I should have said a couple more things up front.

First: last time I said this in this group, I got seriously flamed, and is 
in fact one of the reasons I left. But as I'm a glutton for punishment, 
I'll try again. Besides, I've been playing lots of Pyro in TFC lately, so 
I'll just don my asbestos outfit first. :)

I prefer a GUI.

Second, I guess what I really meant was that I think that ALL email clients 
should have these features as a matter of course, just like they have 
features like reply-all and forward. Email lists have been around for at 
least a month or two, right? :/ I mean, it's not like they've never been 
heard of. *sigh* I guess everybody is doing web-based forums these days.

Anyway, for now I'll struggle along with what I have until I get settled in 
and migrate to Unix. That'll take a while.

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