[rescue] email clients; was For Sale/Trade - Cobalt Qube 2

Jeffrey Nonken jjn_rescue at nonken.net
Mon Jun 13 07:49:53 CDT 2005

At 11:18 PM 6/12/2005, you wrote:
>Drat... really wishing reply did not reply to the list...
>that's twice in about 24 hours... I must be trying to
>set a new record for myself... <sigh>

I've been thinking lately that email clients are pretty stupid in a lot of 
ways. Few of them will do threading, and all that I've seen stick with the 
standard "reply" and "reply all" options and nothing else. It's a tried and 
true paradigm but it's not the only one. We're stuck in a rut.

What's needed for email lists is some new options:

1) Threading of the messages, and a simple (keyboard "shortcuts") way to 
jump to the next unread message;
2) A new button for "reply to group";
3) A new button for "reply to sender";
4) A way to set up each mailbox so it uses either the old style or the new, 
based on the user's preferences, and options to tell it where to find the 
correct information (which fields to examine for the group reply address 
vs. the sender reply address).
5) Maybe an extra button for "forward to administrator" and a way to tell 
it where to find the administrator email address, if it's in the headers, 
or a way to set it manually.
6) Maybe a button to kick your browser off and send it to the subscription 
web page.
7) An option somewhere to check a message for known email list 
characteristics and automatically set up the containing mailbox for you, 
because I'm lazy and I always figured the computer was supposed to be there 
to save ME doing the work. :)

Naturally the old "reply/reply all" paradigm buttons and the new "reply 
group/reply sender" paradigm buttons will be mutually exclusive, at least 
by default.

I also wish Eudora would stop assuming that when I hit "reply" it's to an 
individual, and assert "you wrote" in the quote header. As far as I can 
tell there's no way to change it, even in the latest version.

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