[rescue] Second question about mixing different cpu trays in a E4000

Michael Vergallen mvergall at pandora.be
Sat Jun 11 19:46:42 CDT 2005


I've just purchased a E4X00 system board with 2 400Mhz 8 Mb cache  + Memory 
all banks are filled ... not shure with how mutch but as I have 2 Gig's of memory allready it doesn't 
bother me that much. Now my question is can I insert this board in a E4000 who has 2 boards with
336Mhz 4 Mb cache in them, from what I'he read yes but what would be the drawbacks of that if I do this for
now... Namely I've got an option to get a second board (same specs e.i dual 400Mhz 8 Mb cache + Memory)in a couple 
of weeks when they decommission an other E4X00 cpu board ... So should I just wait until I have all the boards 
I want to put in the system and upgrade the whole systems cpu boards in one go ? 



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