[rescue] mixing different e4k boards for memory interleaving

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sat Jun 11 18:32:35 CDT 2005

Marc Gutschner declared on Friday 10 June 2005 09:41 am:
> [...]
> > When I put a CPU board in, whose CPUs I have removed, the system
> > just sits there and never seems to come up...
> AFAIK you have to have at least one CPU on any system board that you
> plug into the system. 

No, you don't actually.  I've run my E3000 with a board that just has 
memory on it before (it was an older board that only supported 167's, 
and I've upgraded my system to have 336s).

> To the best of my knowledge, you can mix 
> different CPU board types, but the downside is that the system is
> clocked according to the slowest board in the system.

That is correct

> I currently have 4 systemboards in my e4k -  three with 2 x 250MHz and
> one with 2 x 336MHz and the system is running rock-stable...

Beware that if you mix processor speeds, all the processors will run at 
the slower speed (250MHz in your case).

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