[rescue] Origin 200 Boot

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Jun 10 14:12:05 CDT 2005

>> Have you checked to see if the disk in this thing is labelled

>I can copy the miniroot

Oh.  That would be "Yes."  It was just a thought, sometimes something
simple will jog your memory about a problem, and lead to a solution.

I'll assume, then, that you've removed anything not necessary (only one cpu
board, minimal memory, no graphics set (just the serial terminal), etc),
checked the connections and card seating, and then started to swap CPU
boards, memory boards, and other bits one at a time from this other working
O200, as well?

(Sometimes works better to put the pieces from the non-functional one into
the one with the live system.... Error messages are nice to have, when you
have errors.)

wes will
troubleshooting by modules is -such- a PITA.

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