[rescue] FS: Powerbook 520

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jun 10 14:01:17 CDT 2005

Since Apple is 'selling out' to the 'dark side'... here is a
great chance to own a piece of history ('powered by Motorola').

Seriously though... didn't know if anyone here might be interested
in this...  I know the 2.5" scsi hard drives are scarce scarce
scarce on their own...

Powerbook 520 running System 7.5
12M built in memory
running Ram Doubler
160Meg 2.5" SCSI laptop hard drive (made by IBM)
power supply included.
battery untested, but believed to hold no charge.
built in floppy drive (untested).
System boots, screen looks nice.

This laptop is in beautiful condition with almost no signs of use.

A great addition to a Mac collection, or if need be, good for
parts (making one better unit out of 2, etc).

Needs a new home.

Make an offer.

Shipping will be from zip 02067.

-- Curt

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