[rescue] Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Thu Jun 9 05:46:59 CDT 2005

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> On Jun 6, 2005, at 4:53 PM, Steve Hatle wrote:

>> Seriously, I'm taking a wait and see attitude on the whole thing.
>> There's
>> part of me that's uncomfortable about it, but I can't really justify it
>> until I know more about what the new world order is going to look like.
>> Plus, like the weather, you can't worry too much about things you can't
>> change.
> I still want to go into a corner and cry.

Anyone heard from Dave McGuire on this latest development? Did his head 
<actually> explode when he heard, or did he just pop a blood vessel and 
bleed-out upon hearing the news ;^)

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