[rescue] Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Thu Jun 9 05:34:10 CDT 2005

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> I'm thinking/hoping that Apple might be releasing their own take off the
> SunPCi to forever bury the notion that the Macintosh "can't run" some
> business-critical piece of Windows crap.  Imagine if you could ditch
> Windows and all its problems for everything except for that one piece of
> software you can't live without, which runs in a sandbox isolated from
> the rest of the system.  They could even use Wine instead of Windows for
> quite a lot of stuff.  Or, going even more PC compatible, they could
> write DirectX drivers that talk to Quartz Extreme and friends to make
> the Mac friendly to PC gamers.

There was an add-on (strap-on?) box that allowed Windows 3.1 applications to 
run on a Macintosh a long time ago - it was in the days of the Mac Plus. 
Like the SunPCi product it was an actual Intel CPU, RAM, and BIOS in an 
add-on package that connected to the Mac and put the Windows display on the 
Mac monitor. It was an ungodly box that increased the size of the Mac Plus 
by about 50%, and provided a floppy drive (5 1/4") and maybe even an ISA 
slot. I think it was from a company named Dana, can't remember the name...

PC compatibility is not a real issue for the vast majority of PC 
owners/buyers, IMHO - they run the apps that come with the box, MS-Office, 
and whatever games they like, and that last one will have folks keeping 
actual PCs for a while longer.

I'd like to see a PC inthe shape of the Mac Mini, so I could stack them ;^) 
(I heard someone was making such a box, dunno if it will make it to market 

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