[rescue] mixing different e4k boards for memory interleaving

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at mail.zill.net
Wed Jun 8 21:29:39 CDT 2005

Disappointed with the performance of the 2x336Mhz CPU upgrade, I felt
that perhaps increased memory bandwidth would help.

The current board that works is X2602A (501-4882) with 1280MB (1024MB
plus 256MB banks) and the 2 336Mhz CPUs.

I have 3 more CPU boards, 2 X2601A and 1 X2600A .  They have a bunch
of RAM on them.

When I put a CPU board in, whose CPUs I have removed, the system just
sits there and never seems to come up...

ideas?  is it due to the 501-4882 being 100Mhz capable and the others
only 83Mhz capable?

I think that 2-way interleaved RAM even at 83Mhz would still be faster
than 1-way at 100Mhz, no?


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