[rescue] From Macintouch

Nate nate at portents.com
Mon Jun 6 18:49:49 CDT 2005

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, velociraptor wrote:

> Ick.  Would that they had gone to AMD instead.


"More importantly, they also said that Apple was playing the AMD card at 
full force, so don't be too surprised if a green logo shows up on some 

> (And this business about cooler, someone explain that?  My x86 box is 
> hot as hell while my Macs are all cool and quiet...have I missed 
> something?)

Depends on what you run.  The .90mm "Venice" core AMD64 runs quite cool, 
especially with their CPU speed throttling enabled on desktops (aka Cool 
'n Quiet).

> Transmeta was not an "x86" compatible chip either.

It was VLIW though and ran x86 via code morphing.

> Perhaps Transitive is a similar hardware abstraction technology?

I don't think we'll be seeing anything like project DAISY running on 


I expect something much more akin to FX!32:


- Nate

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