[rescue] My new UltraSparc 5's, also my first Sun stations

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 11:32:31 CDT 2005

On 6/5/05, Charles Shannon Hendrix <shannon at widomaker.com> wrote:
> > What applications are you referring to?
> Anything that uses OpenGL acceleration, for example.
> It won't be long before pretty much all X font and other rendering will
> require it, and it won't work remotely.
> Then there are things which will work remotely, but only very poorly,
> even on things like gigabit ethernet.
> Even simple applications are enormously graphics heavy now, and shipping
> that over a network is going to get harder and harder.
> > Weblogic does not require either.  You tunnel to a port, authenticate
> > via a browser and the whole administrative interface is available
> > there.  I don't have much good to say about Weblogic, but there was
> > that.
> Weblogic and other browser based systems won't run my CAD, game, and
> othe similar programs.
> > IMNSHO, the "you must run a local graphical application" posture on
> > the part of application vendors is a HUGE step back.
> Perhaps, but then how else would you solve the problem?
> As soon as you introduce the network, a lot of acceleration features may
> as well not be there.  If you need them to run the application...
> > More and more companies are trying to gain efficiencies in their
> > operations by aggregating servers in data centers.  This kind of
> > approach allows potential customers to write their apps off and not
> > even consider a product which can't be administered remotely.
> You are talking about WWW and other "terminal" types of applications.
> Network applications basically.
> I'm talking about X applications specifically.  They are requiring
> support that is hard to manage over a network.

Yes we are referring to two different beasts.  You are talking
about end-user workstation applications, and I'm talking about
Enterprise-level server applications.

Given that the person who started the thread was talking about
a U5, I can hardly think that the applications you are talking
about are really what he was considering running at home.

For *NIX-based games or OSS CAD, I'd not be running them
on an anemic U5 (or hell, even a recent low-end Sun work-
station).  Bang-for-buck, I'd be using x86 or PPC (assuming
said game/OSS CAD was available for that).  That said, if I
had a U2 or U5 at home with a decent configuration, running
the "basics" remotely would be fine--browser, xterms, Gimp,
mail client, etc.  And I'd definitely refuse to get mixed up
with that bloated KDE/Gnome desktop business (X rootless
on OS X, anyone? :-).


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