[rescue] My new UltraSparc 5's, also my first Sun stations

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 17:11:22 CDT 2005

On 6/3/05, Andrew Weiss <ajwdsp at cloud9.net> wrote:
> Quoting Jeff Cole <jeff at flambe.org>:
> > Brian Dunbar wrote:
> >   > mail.app is working fine here with Exchange.  I've not managed
> > (nor
> > > cared) to get the address book working, however.
> >
> > Yeah, I never got address book working either. I'm sure there are
> > ways
> > to do it though
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> >
> It's not that hard.  Point iSync at the Outlook Web Access URL.  Sync...
> I used to have everything working with Exchange.  The problem is IMAP is
> used in the equation so it can access some things via MAPI and some
> things via IMAP.  This worked beautifully until my company disabled
> IMAP and wouldn't work with me on the issue at all. (this was a
> security decision... )

The Evil Exchange Admins <tm> (like BOFH) have IMAP and
POP turned off here.  The head EEA is having to learn Solaris
though, as he's been handed DNS w/our the reorganization of
duties caused by a new prime getting the contract.  So, I will
certainly have some leverage to get assistance, since I have
been asked to help him in his education.

<sarcasm>Poor fella is having to figure out how to do a PROM
upgrade before he can even install Solaris 10 on the U2 box he's
been given to learn on. </sarcasm>  It's amusing.

At least he has clues.  He knows Exchange sucks, but he
takes that as job security.  Twisted logic to be sure (kinda like
Darth Vader's...).


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