[rescue] Compiling things on slow systems

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Thu Jun 2 17:50:34 CDT 2005

When I compile things on my U5 (with an IDE hard disk), I use the 
"screen" command to give me a virtual terminal. I can then disconnect
at will and reconnect when I want to check on things. 

To me the IDE controller of a U5 is a blessing, I got it as part of a
trade for a camera, stuck a 60gb IDE drive and a combination CD writer/
DVD reader drive in it.

A SCSI controler or 60 GB SCSI drive is way beyond my budget, now I'm out
of work and before I was putting money into my startup, not taking it

It's slow, but it just chugs along as a file server running Solaris 10.

It also has an advantage to me that it uses relativley little electricty
for an Sun computer. I'm in an old apartment that has 25amp 230v service
and when I asked my landlord about upgrading to 3 phase 40 amp service,
(120 total amps) he simply could not understand why.

My only complaint is that the kernel mods I used on Sol 9 (3c90x driver
and netatalk) are not available on Sol 10. Not that big a deal as I
really don't use the second interface and Mac OS X speaks NFS and SMB,
both of which work fine,


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