[rescue] My new UltraSparc 5's, also my first Sun stations

Brian Howe bwhowe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 14:32:10 CDT 2005

There are several iterations of vnc available... my personal choice is

If you are running X on one box (say from NetBSD or OpenBSD), you can
use Xnest to get your display from the Solaris box in a window on your
BSD box - 'Xnest -query <IP> :1' or something like that. I get my U1
to display it's desktop that way to save my meatspace desktop real

On 6/2/05, Patrick Giagnocavo <patrick at mail.zill.net> wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 07:02:43PM +0000, Peter Corlett wrote:
> > Jonathan C. Patschke <jp at celestrion.net> wrote:
> > > KVM? [...] If you want to use it as a workstation, typically,
> > > there's no call for it.
> >
> > Personally, I'd rather prefer to be able to use the console of my Mac,
> > Linux, Windows and Sun boxes simultaneously without my desk collapsing
> > under the weight of all those monitors.
> VNC?
> --Patrick
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