[rescue] My new UltraSparc 5's, also my first Sun stations

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Thu Jun 2 11:49:00 CDT 2005

Someone generated the quantum flux that came across as... Brian Howe
> I'll second that statement and suggestion. The IDE subsystem on U5's is
> horrible. The absolute best thing you can do is add a scsi card and run
> with it that way. Everyone I know or ever talked to about this topic
> says the exact same thing.

Indeed.  After installing much software on the U10's here at $work I can
give one piece of advice that will cure anyone of not wanting a SCSI card
for the machines:

Install a copy of PTC ProEngineer 3D CAD software.  The install per U10
will take approximately umpteen hours just to copy files.

A U10 with SCSI?  From personal experience? An hour at most.

Mike Hebel
"Without balance and consistent growth the only option is to degrade. 
There is no other solution." - Anonymous

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