[rescue] 18 gigers in an Ultra 2? Ultra 1 ????

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Wed Jun 1 16:11:15 CDT 2005

" From: Paxton  <innfosun at gmail.com>
" A surprise came today. I got 3 sun drives today from a cheap ebay
" puurchase. It was supposed to be a 4.2 and 2 9 gig drives for my U1
" and U2. What showed up were 3 X5237A 18 gig 10K drives, 1 IBM & 2
" Fujitsu.
" I think these can be used in the U2 but can they be used in the U1??
" They don't show up on the Sunsolve list of supported drives for either
" of these boxes.

yup.  i'm running of an 18g [seagate] in my u1 right now.

" Any tricks in formatting them?


" Another question. The U2 came with dissimilar processors, a 200 MHz
" and a 400 Mhz. It looks to me that they don't mix but need to match,
" at least in frequency, is this true? The U2 runs with either but not
" both. At the moment I have the single 400 in it.

the 200 would be a us1; the 400 a us2.  different speeds of us2 have
been known to work together in some suns, though throttled to the
lowest speed, but your pair may be too dissimilar.

you can pick up another 400 pretty inexpensively on ebay.
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