[rescue] sun UltraEngine AXe questions..

K. sunfriek at ussonet.net
Wed Jun 1 01:19:28 CDT 2005

> On Tue, 31 May 2005, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> Uhm, 2 PCI slots in a 1U case? That's odd...
> Not so much.  My guess is that the slots are opposed, with a riser
> between them, as there's just not a lot that'd get in the way on an AXe
> board.
they are opposed to each other... each on a different riser card... one is 
in slot 1 and the other is in slot 3 of the motherboard

apparently this chassis was designed for the AXe board, it has no provisions 
for standard atx back plates that are interchangable like PeeeCeee's...

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