[rescue] Dan's firesale

Daniel Mayfield dan at 3geeks.org
Sun Jul 31 17:40:01 CDT 2005

Indy R4600/133 64mb ram, 4gb disk, camera: 			$10
PM8500 604e/225, 48mb ram, 1gb disk:					$10
NCR badged Annex III terminal server:					$25
Cisco 1400 FDDI concentrator 1 MIC, 1 SC blade: 		$75
BA356 shelf with dual HSZ50s + caches					$50
UMAX S900 loaded G3/400/1mb 512mb ram, 32x Ultraplex, zip100, 18gb UW 
	USB and Firewire cards OEM Rage 128 PCI card, DEFPA, one open slot
	Will run OS X with XPostFacto, but 9.1 currently installed.
MTI Gladiator 3200 RAID with dual redundant controllers,
	8x9gb SCA disks, UWD interface

All prices are negotiable,  you pay shipping from 32792.

"I've got a 200 megawatt pulse cannon in the forward cargo bay that 
says otherwise."  -Susan Ivanova

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