[rescue] Cheap or Free

jwb-tech at picarefy.com jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Wed Jul 27 17:22:41 CDT 2005

   Everybody else is getting rid of stuff, so here's a few bits that have
been sitting around annoying me:

   + IBM 16/4 Token Ring PCI Management Adapter, UTP/STP, P/N 34L5099,
FRU 35P5409. Condition unknown, looks OK. Don't know whether being a
"management adapter" makes it special or not. No traces of pointy hair,
at least. $FREE plus shipping.

   + Apple Token Ring 4/16 Nubus card, 820-0418-A. STP only. This isn't a
third-party card, it's actually Apple-branded. Condition unknown, looks OK.
$FREE plus shipping.

   + three boxes of ten HP DDS-2 tapes, new in wrappers. Selling all thirty
as a lot for $5 plus shipping.

   + five HP DDS-4 tapes, new in wrappers. $5 for the lot plus shipping.

   + HP SureStore Tape 2000, C1534-66001, in external narrow SCSI case.
Condition unknown, looks OK. As far as I can tell by looking around, this
is just a DDS drive, not even DDS-2. I have no idea why it was in the same
box as all those higher-capacity tapes that it can't use. Comes with one
used tape helpfully labelled "THURSDAY". $FREE plus shipping.

   --James B.

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