[rescue] Firefox and Google Maps ?

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Jul 27 14:51:47 CDT 2005

On Wed, Jul 27, 2005 at 07:40:08PM +0000, Peter Corlett wrote:
> Wes Will <wwill at siu.edu> wrote:
> [...]
> > The -printer- crashed? Now THAT'S some seriously mal-formed
> > Postscript!
> Perhaps if you leave it 48 hours, a Mandelbrot set will emerge?

That's what I like about CUPS. It can be set up to rip the postscript
on a computer. That way bad postscript will not crash the printer nor
will complex postscript slow down the print queue. 

I used to have postscript level 1 printer that I configured CUPS to
rip the postscript up to level 3 and output it as postscript level
1. It was slow because I was using a PII 266mHz to do the ripping, 
it would have been a lot faster with a faster machine.


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