[rescue] [Slightly OT]: Desk/Tables for multiple ?computers

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Thu Jul 21 10:57:28 CDT 2005

On 7/21/05 10:39 AM, "Lionel Peterson" wrote:

> Anyone know about getting low-cost cubicle furniture installed in a residence?
> Also, what does low-cost cubicle furniture cost? Anyone have exp. installing
> such furniture in a residence?

Here the Yellow Pages or your on-line business directory of choice can be
your friend. Look for places that sell business furniture - especially if
they call out used furniture. If they don't have a bunch of cube parts they
will know who does in your locale.

You can get them amazingly cheap if you are persistent. Dealers hate to have
them around for a few reasons:

Quantity mismatch - you want 40 cubes with certain surfaces, cabinets,
widths etc, and they only have 4 that match. The opposite applies as well.

They take up a ton of space in the warehouse, even when broken down.

Usually they are pulls from office teardowns, so they might be worn, ripped,
etc. and they don't like to have customers pick 'n choose each panel, etc.

If you aren't concerned that they look brand new and are only dealing in a
1-2 cube quantity, you should be able to do very well.

Assembly is pretty straight forward. You can either have them freestanding
if you get enough walls, or there are pieces to tie a corner or an edge to
an existing wall. Make sure that you get all the screws/connectors etc. you
need. You can even get fancy and get the electrical inserts if you want.
They're pretty easy to tie into your home wiring with the appropriate whip
for the manufacturer of the furniture.

Can you tell I've had to whip up some cube setups? I'm lucky. The developers
are in the cubes (and that's what they wanted). I've got a 45th floor office
that overlooks the Mississippi river in downtown Minneapolis. Ahh - the joys
of a depressed office market and a law firm that needed to sublet some space
_real bad_ <grin>


PS - if you want to come to Mpls. I could probably set you up with a cube or
two myself- we have enough pieces down in storage...


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