[rescue] ST173404LCV in E250?

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Wed Jul 20 11:37:01 CDT 2005

Joshua Boyd wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 11:00:45AM -0400, Phil Stracchino wrote:
>>Eric Webb wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>This will work in my E250 just fine, right?  LVD, U160, SCA, 1.6"...
>>Sweet.  Wish I could afford to use those instead of the 36G drives I found.
> Where did you find the 36s and at what price?

an eBay vendor, dan13408, factory reconditioned drives at around $27
each, $109 in lots of four.  He's only got four in stock right now but
is expecting another shipment at the end of the week.  I'm planning on
getting nine disks and replacing all eight disks in my U30 and its 711,
plus a spare.  They're 1.6"-high disks, IBM Ultrastars, DRHS-36D, but
they'll fit in a U30 and a six-slot 711 just fine.  I can even move the
711 onto a separate SCSI channel now, having just acquired a SunSwiftPCI
for the U30.

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