[rescue] [Slightly OT]: Desk/Tables for multiple computers

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Tue Jul 19 16:12:40 CDT 2005

At least you are on the main floor.  I am in the basement and share my 
office with all of our closed case files, although it is nice and cool down 
here and I have a door, you get tired of looking at filling cabinets.  If 
only I could get a nice desk instead of something that was part of a 
Wal-Mart Special.  As far as Keyboard Trays, I don't like them either, I am 
6'4" and most just dig into my legs.  :-) 

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> On Tue, Jul 19, 2005 at 10:55:30AM -0400, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
>> Mon, 11 Jul 2005 @ 14:31 -0400, Nadine said: 
>>> I like the idea of those aluminum folding tables, but I'm short, and
>>> really need a keyboard tray on top of a low work surface.  This has
>>> been a real problem in my work offices.
>> I'm not short, and generally it kills me to have a keyboard on the
>> same level as the desktop. 
>> Either that, or the keyboard trays used are such crap that it hurts to
>> use them for long.
> Never found a keyboard tray I could use.  I'm 5'7" and generally have
> the keyboard on the desk/table, with the monitor on a stand of some
> sort so I'm looking straight into the screen, not down or up at it.  If
> possible, the screen has a slight downwards tilt to it, to minimize
> glare off the lights in the ceiling. 
>> But what really ticks me off is how they arrange office furniture so
>> that my back is to the door of my area.  I *hate* that. 
>> I want to face any incoming paths, but a lot of cubicles are put
>> together so that your back is to the opening.
> Hate that too.  A few gigs back, we never really got out of
> startup-mode.  The folks that sat out in cube-land just had cubes for
> dividers, their desks and stuff weren't cubicle desks but regular office
> desks, so they all turned them around so they were facing out while
> sitting in their cubes.  They had to squeeze by on the sides, but they
> all seemed to prefer it that way.  They could also just look up and
> ask the person across the walkway a question w/o anyone having to turn
> around.  (I was in an office, so I didn't have to deal with that). 
> Suckiest cube arrangement I had was the gig after that.  We were ALL
> in these phone-center cubicles.  Not even cubicles, more like just the
> corner of a cube, back was open to a walkway, just enough space on your
> desk for your monitor and keyboard.  IT was near the main entrance, so
> nearly EVERYONE in the company walked past my desk multiple times during
> the day. 
>> The other one that bothers me is walls that are just high enough to
>> be in the way, but too short to offer you any reason for them to be
>> there.  I think 4-5 foot walls should be banned.
> We've got those here.  Hate them too. 
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