[rescue] Purge Phase I

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Mon Jul 18 15:19:46 CDT 2005

Phase I contains hardware I consider positively worthless, but you  
all may beg to differ.  Phase I stuff MUST go.

You guys have tentatively until August 12th to claim anything Phase  
II, though I can keep Phase II stuff until the September trash date.  

For Phase I... you have only until next Monday or so.

Contents of Phase I: (Phase II comes a little bit later)

1 IBM G200 20" Display (worn out -- has bad sync caps)
2 Apple Studio 21" Display B&W (worn out -- similar to above...  
picture is clear but 7" wide in the center of the display only --  
narrow raster)
3 Radius Precision Color 21" (similar to SGI tubes...broken... when  
picture does display, picture is perfect... has the HV overvoltage  
problem... flashing indicators [x-ray detection?]  VERY GOOD PARTS TUBE)
4 IBM P70 17" Display (worn out-- round blurry area in the center of  
the tube)
5 HP Paintjet Printer (ink no longer sold)
6 Epson Stylus 740i Color inkjet printer (brand new... never worked  
[doesn't lay ink on page]...may be fixable)
7 Canon Bubblejet BJC 620 inkjet printer (touchy I am told... but  
I've never fooled with it -- it belonged to girlfriend)
8 Ugly 4-cup White Mr. Coffee Coffee Pot.  Works... most of surface  
of hot plate is peeled off, however... so ugly.


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