[rescue] Replacing CPU cooler fan on ultra 1

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Jul 15 18:05:40 CDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 06:52, Jonathan Groll wrote:
> Hi there,
> Can anyone tell me what the trick is to replacing the cpu cooler fan on 
> an Ultra1? There seem to be no instructions for doing so in the ultra 1 
> service manual that I have, is it perhaps in another manual?
> There are five screws holding down the plastic plate that holds down the 
> fan. Four of these screws, directly surrounding the fan can be removed 
> from above. The fifth screw, on the far side of the plastic plate seems 
> to be inserted from UNDERNEATH  the motherboard. Also, underneath the 
> plastic plate appears to be a layer of a yellow foam or it could be 
> double-sided tape that may also be sticking this plastic plate to the 
> heatsink fins. Must the entire motherboard be removed and this double 
> sided tape as well just to replace the cooler fan?

I've done this... (used an SS2 case cooling fan (larger and more
durable... should outlast the U1 itself :-) ))....

I don't recall having to remove the motherboard... I remember removing
screws and lifting the plastic and fan out... when it went back in
I left the plastic out... as the screws were not long enough for the
new thicker fan and the plastic.... and I didn't have any longer

the plastic is just a shield to keep you from potentially damaging
the heatsinks on the cache? chips when inside the unit.... 

> The board is the version with the 3 SBus connectors and the CPU in 
> question identifies itself as an UltraSPARC 143MHz. The machine works 
> and turns on fine, but the non-working CPU fan gets quite hot.

the one I did was in a U170E... but I doubt it is any different in
that one...

maybe someone else here knows your 5th screw mystery... my U1 is
buried so I can't pull it out to look at it.

-- Curt

> Thanks!
> Jonathan.
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