[rescue] fire codes and an SS20 question

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Jul 15 12:42:56 CDT 2005

>  The inspectors around here would require that one, or more, of the
>doors be removed before they left. They could, and would, redtag the
>building if management refused to remove the door. 
>Barry Keeney

You betcha, and they'd be right.  Not everyone is physically capable of
popping through a wall, even a flimsy one.  The door would be either
removed or made free-swinging and the lockset would be out before the
inspector would move an inch, or the whole building would be condemned and
chained tight shut.

In a fire, the chances that someone will react appropriately are pretty
slim, about the same as the odds of being functional during combat.  (Oddly
enough, most people just freak when you shoot at them...  Imagine that,

Fires are pretty much the same, most people will forget everything logical
in their rush to get out, and might not be able to think of just popping
through a wall.  For instance, everybody has heard the stop, drop, and roll
bit but when you're on fire, it's very likely that instead of remembering
that, you will run.

It's a weirdity related to one that I got used to in the surveillance and
alarm business.  You can put a vault door in a cardboard wall, with an
alarm switch on it.  Just put up some signs that say there is an alarm, and
people will leave it alone rather than trip the alarm.  They never ONCE
think about just tearing through the wall next to the door, where there is
no alarm switch.  Yes, I also backed up the switches with motion and
pressure sensors of various sorts.  But still, the number of places that
are just cheeseboxes as far as the walls and roofs go, but that never get
broken in to because they have alarmed doors, is incredible.  And I'm
talking about East St. Louis, IL here, and the St. Louis, MO riverfront
factory and ghetto areas, for anyone who knows the area.

Back to the topic, another SS20, two processors, so-so video (don't
remember exactly what, but will look when I get around to popping the top
again soon).  There's a video RAM socket empty, what should I be looking to
pay to fill that hole and would it really help much, or any at all?  I do
very little graphical anything on the box, it will be a Nessus scanner and
a BigBrother box again if/when I get the time to put it back together.

I will be putting some form of BSD on it soon, comments on the best distro
for this dino are also solicited.

wes will

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