[rescue] Replacing CPU cooler fan on ultra 1

Jonathan Groll jonathanjg at wo.co.za
Fri Jul 15 05:52:46 CDT 2005

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me what the trick is to replacing the cpu cooler fan on 
an Ultra1? There seem to be no instructions for doing so in the ultra 1 
service manual that I have, is it perhaps in another manual?

There are five screws holding down the plastic plate that holds down the 
fan. Four of these screws, directly surrounding the fan can be removed 
from above. The fifth screw, on the far side of the plastic plate seems 
to be inserted from UNDERNEATH  the motherboard. Also, underneath the 
plastic plate appears to be a layer of a yellow foam or it could be 
double-sided tape that may also be sticking this plastic plate to the 
heatsink fins. Must the entire motherboard be removed and this double 
sided tape as well just to replace the cooler fan?

The board is the version with the 3 SBus connectors and the CPU in 
question identifies itself as an UltraSPARC 143MHz. The machine works 
and turns on fine, but the non-working CPU fan gets quite hot.


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