[rescue] E250 rack-mount

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Thu Jul 14 10:58:21 CDT 2005

Isaac wrote:
> Most of the big name co-lo facilities on the east coast I've worked in
> over the years use 2 post relay racks in customer cages almost
> exclusively.
> OTOH, there were no seismic codes to comply with. I've never seen a
> relay rack on the west coast holding anything but patch panels and the
> like.

You never worked at Cardima.  Cardima had all relay racks in the machine
room because the people who ordered them and put them in didn't know any

To be fair, MOST of what was in them was switches and routers.  But
there was at least a couple of Ultras in there, and a few other boxen.
Nothing really big, fortunately.  I have bigger and beefier hardware
here at home than Cardima had.

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