[rescue] E250 rack-mount

K. sunfriek at ussonet.net
Thu Jul 14 00:09:54 CDT 2005

> BTW, I *abhor* 2-post racks for anything other than simple datacom gear
> (patch panels, network gear, and that's about it).

i got 2 2-post racks in my SOHO loaded with 2 Rackmount APC Ups's 2 regular 
UPS's , 2 sun Ultra 5's, Sun SS5, Sun E4500, Netapp F520 and disk trays , 
Cisco 2514 router, Cisco 4000 router, Cisco Pix 520, Cisco Catalyst 5505 
Switch, Cisco Catalyst 5509 Core switch, Cisco 2912XL switch.. Sun 
SparcEngine AXe (1u), Compaq DL360 server, 2 RSM disk trays (from a Storedge 
2000)and some other misc stuff  ..and they ARENT bolted to the floor .. i 
just keep all the heavyest stuff mounted at the bottom except my Catalyst 
5505 switch which is 2/3 way up...

No issues with mine... and they dont tip either.. and a friend has leaned on 
the racks (he weights in 300 or so)


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