[rescue] E420R Booting Issues

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Wed Jul 13 18:26:49 CDT 2005

Got yet another question as I start t the config of the E420R I have.    I
got the 2nd processor yesterday, and was finally
set to start loading the OS on it.    The machine comes on just fine, and I
had done a Stop-A and had done a probe-scsi
earlier to see that the drives were visible.  That all returns just fine.
However, when I do a "boot cdrom" the machine just
sits there (after doing the memory check...which completes with no errors
reported).  I've done a reset of the NVRAM to
defaults, and also set the diag-level to max.    All of which haven't
changed the behavior at all.   The drives are 2 36GB
Segates (I believe...I'm at work not home so can't confirm right now).

I tried replacing the cable that goes from the drive area to the
motherboard.  No difference.  I reseated the cables between
the DVD and the back of the drive area.  No difference.  I checked what I
think is the terminator on the end of the DVD cable,
but it doesn't look like it even could come off.   (I don't have a
replacement cable for that...)

Any suggestions as to what to try next?   The only other idea I have is to
unhook the DVD to see if I get a boot image error
(I don't get that either, btw, if I let it try to boot normally...it sits
there as well, right after it finished the memory test).  I don't know
if an external CD would make any difference here (have to check if I had a
way even to hook one up....)


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