[rescue] Before it hits Feebay... [long list]

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Tue Jul 12 18:08:06 CDT 2005

I have a pile of stuff that needs to go away and preferably generate a 
few $$ along the way.

Add shipping. Prefer PayPal payment.


Cisco 2600 flash: 8 MB $5.00

Toshiba 128MB RIMM RD-RAM PC700 $10.00

VSIMM for SS10 501-2306 $5.00

64 MB (4 x 16) 80 pin for Vaxen 4000 Make offer
64 MB (8 x8) for 100 pin Dec 3000 machines Make offer


Sun IDE 32X for Ultra 5/10 etc, new in box $7.50
Sun IDE 24x for U5/10 used $5.00

HP internal 4/8GB DDS-2 4MM tape drive $5.00

2 x Plextor 32X UltraPlex SCSI CD-ROM $5.00

Oddball stuff:

Ross SS10/20 2.25R PROM $15 each

Customization CD for ThinkPad 600 New sealed

DEC SCSI cable like used with wide personality module. BN21K-01 1M long 

HPIB cable, 1M or so long. NIB $5.00

3 x AUI to 10BT RJ45 jack like used with SS2 etc. $3.00 each or all 
three for $7.00

SS20 hard disk add-on fan $3.00

SS20/SS5 etc CD-ROM mounts $2.00

68 pin SE-SCSI active term $3.00

Actiontec PCMCIA 10BT ethernet adapter (RJ and BNC connector) $3.00

Mac modem cable DIN Mac serial to D-25 hayes RS-232 new. $5.00

Sparcbook 3 series AC adapter $20.00


HP 9000 J210, dual 120 MHz CPUs, 1GB memory CD/FD/HD (4 GB IIRC) $50 
(very heavy)

HP 9000 C3000 400 MHz PA 8500 CPU, 512 MB, 9 GB, CD etc. No 
keyboard/mouse. Also needs an EVC to VGA adapter for the video. $200 
obo Also heavy.

Mike N

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