[rescue] The 5% solution... [SS1000 memory for sale]

haroldkarl at juno.com haroldkarl at juno.com
Mon Jul 11 21:52:05 CDT 2005

now I feel better... I thought I was the only one that had a storage unit
full of SS1000s! they were great to put together, then I saw an E4500...
I am in OR, yeah, yeah, the left coast... I don't suppose anyone close
is looking for one... or memory? Mike, I know I bought some from you,
but I think my surplus was from Epay!

oh well... SS1000s, E450s, U30s, Axi's in 2U boxen, and a variety of
and cyclequads are up for sale from me... shipping will be harsh...

such is life when one is out of work...


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