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Mon Jul 11 20:39:45 CDT 2005

" From: Phil Stracchino <phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net>
" Bill Bradford wrote:
" > Yeah - that's the temporary TV we're using until we get the house in Austin
" > sold and pick up a 42" plasma.  I had to sell my 51" HDTV rear-projection 
" > widescreen before we moved, as I didn't want to mess with hauling it down
" > here..
" I'm leaning towards plasma for our next TV, when we can afford one.  I
" like that they're thin enough to be wall-mountable, that the colors are
" so bright and vivid, and that the off-axis viewing angle is so good.  I
" understand they're power-hungry compared to back-projection screens
" though....?

i got to chat up a local high-end-store salesman recently [tweeter
etc, for those who care].  his professional opinion: plasma tvs are
disposable.  they look good at first, but they fade significantly in
about a year, and since the tube is such a large fraction of the cost
you can forget about replacing it.

what little i know about gas-discharge tubes makes this sound

he recommended lcd projectors if you really need something big.  yes,
they don't have the viewing angle.  if you have the headroom for it, a
ceiling-mounted lcd projector and front-projection screen does better.
you can get a pretty good projector for ~$2k...  and up to 10'
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