[rescue] The 5% solution... [SS1000 memory for sale]

Jeff Davis jdaviscl2 at soupwizard.com
Mon Jul 11 20:34:22 CDT 2005

I plan on being at Mike's around 23 July from the Knoxville area, so if anyone
around Knoxville, TN wants anything I can bring it back to you.

I know he's only about an hour outside Knoxville, but I'll have a pickup truck
so if you only have a car, I can get something big back.


> On Jul 11, 2005, at 6:46 PM, Mike Nicewonger wrote:
>> Ok, Maybe that got some of your attention!
>> What is the 5% solution you ask? Well I have a pile of memory for the
>> SS1000/SC2000. It needs to go. So my solution for selling this is to
>> sell it at about 5% of what MemoryX wants for it!
>> They want about $120 for a set of 4 SIMMs. I want $6 for the same
>> memory. These are OEM Sun memory with barcode and are 32MB each SIMM
>> making a 128MB set. SS1000/SC2000 memory installs 4 pieces at a time.
>> ;)
> Mike:
> You want $6.00/set?? Wow, you might have a pile of SS1000 memory, but
> I have a pile of SS1000's, and I'll sell them for the same price,
> $6.00/system OBO. You need to get in that big truck of yours, and
> drive down here and haul away my SS1000's, some SSA's, some monitors,
> etc! Heck, if I have the money, I'll even buy dinner!
> Seriously folks, I REALLY REALLY need to get this stuff out of
> storage, and I don't have any way of doing that as I only have a Kia
> Sportage these days, and can't fit much in it! My storage rent just
> went up, it's now at $93.00/month and I just can't afford to keep it
> anymore. Please, just bring your big trucks, and take stuff, don't
> email me with questions about what I have in there, I don't even
> remember half the stuff in there anymore! I know that there are SSA's
> (with various configs of drives) SS1000's, loads of Sun monitors
> (although if there are any 20e20's in there I'll probably hang onto
> them, but I don't know if there are or not!), loads of DEC VT-320
> terminals, and lots of other stuff too. The storage unit is 12'x30'
> and it's so full that to get to most of the stuff, will require a
> couple of strong backs to move stuff out of the way!
> Don't ask me about specifics, or if I'll ship anything, just ask for
> directions, and come with your trucks!
> Heck, I'm at the point that if I could get into it to sort out the
> stuff (into stuff I want/need and stuff that goes) I would take all
> the keeper stuff (not a whole lot, mostly non-computer related stuff)
> out of there, and tell the storage owner to enjoy all the millions of
> dollars worth (at one time) of computer gear I'm leaving her!
> This gets even better, as I got a letter yesterday letting me know my
> Tenncare (medical insurance from the state) is going away soon, and
> at the end of this month all drug coverage goes bye bye, and I
> currently take around $300.00/month worth of prescriptions!
> -Mike
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