[rescue] The 5% solution... [SS1000 memory for sale]

Michael Schiller schiller at agrijag.com
Mon Jul 11 19:54:41 CDT 2005

On Jul 11, 2005, at 6:46 PM, Mike Nicewonger wrote:

> Ok, Maybe that got some of your attention!
> What is the 5% solution you ask? Well I have a pile of memory for the
> SS1000/SC2000. It needs to go. So my solution for selling this is to
> sell it at about 5% of what MemoryX wants for it!
> They want about $120 for a set of 4 SIMMs. I want $6 for the same
> memory. These are OEM Sun memory with barcode and are 32MB each SIMM
> making a 128MB set. SS1000/SC2000 memory installs 4 pieces at a time.
> ;)


You want $6.00/set?? Wow, you might have a pile of SS1000 memory, but  
I have a pile of SS1000's, and I'll sell them for the same price,  
$6.00/system OBO. You need to get in that big truck of yours, and  
drive down here and haul away my SS1000's, some SSA's, some monitors,  
etc! Heck, if I have the money, I'll even buy dinner!

Seriously folks, I REALLY REALLY need to get this stuff out of  
storage, and I don't have any way of doing that as I only have a Kia  
Sportage these days, and can't fit much in it! My storage rent just  
went up, it's now at $93.00/month and I just can't afford to keep it  
anymore. Please, just bring your big trucks, and take stuff, don't  
email me with questions about what I have in there, I don't even  
remember half the stuff in there anymore! I know that there are SSA's  
(with various configs of drives) SS1000's, loads of Sun monitors  
(although if there are any 20e20's in there I'll probably hang onto  
them, but I don't know if there are or not!), loads of DEC VT-320  
terminals, and lots of other stuff too. The storage unit is 12'x30'  
and it's so full that to get to most of the stuff, will require a  
couple of strong backs to move stuff out of the way!

Don't ask me about specifics, or if I'll ship anything, just ask for  
directions, and come with your trucks!

Heck, I'm at the point that if I could get into it to sort out the  
stuff (into stuff I want/need and stuff that goes) I would take all  
the keeper stuff (not a whole lot, mostly non-computer related stuff)  
out of there, and tell the storage owner to enjoy all the millions of  
dollars worth (at one time) of computer gear I'm leaving her!

This gets even better, as I got a letter yesterday letting me know my  
Tenncare (medical insurance from the state) is going away soon, and  
at the end of this month all drug coverage goes bye bye, and I  
currently take around $300.00/month worth of prescriptions!

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